Midweek Devotion

Peace is what’s on my mind today. Well, most days. I think that’s a result of having three children. Doing all the wonderful parent things bring me peace but also sometimes I’m just looking for some peace and quiet. We had parent-teacher conferences last night and my two 4th graders are doing very well academically, socially, and seemingly internally as they are discovering themselves. My 9 month old is usually a pretty calm baby but during conferences she refused to just chill. It’s okay, that’s what babies do sometimes…  at least that’s what I kept telling myself as I struggled to hear all that was being said about my children. Overall, yesterday evening brought a sense of peace that my kids are “on the right track for success” whatever that means.

As someone who wasn’t on the right track for much of his life, I can say that sometimes “tracks” are a little overrated. So if you aren’t or your kids aren’t or someone else’s kids aren’t… have some grace and be intentional.

Even so, the peace of the afternoon shifted after I got the kids all laid down in bed. Bedtime was actually easy last night but then I started to work on some of my homework for my chaplaincy program at Unity Point Hospital. I remembered my classmate who told us that he’s not allowed to return home to Turkey because of politics. If he showed up, he’d be arrested. Not because he did anything morally wrong, but because he is a supporter of a peace movement.

Politics. Ugh. I thought about our own conflicted politics. I realized that peace in the home for our children isn’t a reality for all children. I thought about how once they leave our safe home, they’ll be confronted quickly with a myriad of conflicts and many spaces in our world that lack peace – even in our own backyard. How do we prepare our children? How do we teach them peace? I attended a covenant group meeting yesterday morning where I left thinking about what it means to be an active agent of peace. We are creators of peace.

How do you create peace? Not rhetorical. I really want to know. Send me an email (tvaughn@wdmumc.org) and let me know. Then join us on Sunday morning at 8:30 & 11 as we continue this conversation on peace.

Peace be with you.  – The Treverend

Rev. Trevor Vaughn
West Des Moines United Methodist Church
720 Grand Ave West Des Moines, IA 50265

We worship on Sundays at 8:30 in a traditional way and at 11 in a casual way.  You are invited to worship in whatever way is right for you!  We are livestreaming our 8:30 service.  Check us out on Facebook or visit us at wdmumc.org.  

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